I’ve always wished to time travel, to see the people and clothes of the past, and especially to witness the construction of great buildings– the onion domes of St. Basil’s in Moscow, the fan vaults of King’s College in Cambridge, or the flying buttresses of Notre Dame.


Even though the builders are long gone, I feel a connection with them when I draw or paint their structures. When my eyes and hands follow the same lines that theirs did hundreds of years ago, I perceive how their choices show the respect they had for the human experience. Proportion, curves, and graceful lines were used to affect us, to guide our feelings as we move through their spaces. I’m especially interested in structures that give a regal dignity to their viewers.







I want my work to share these same qualities – to give enjoyment to others as they view my birdcages, to let their eyes have fun as they follow the metal lines around and through the spaces I’ve created. I want my cages and sculptures to encapsulate the good experiences I’ve felt and deliver them to the viewer. 


Joe Diemer has a metalworking shop in the southeast industrial district of Portland where he makes fantasy birdcages and other wire goods. His aesthetic is elaborate and curvilinear, referencing bygone eras and cultures. His background is in construction, illustration, and skateboarding. Joe is a member of SNAG, the Society of North American Goldsmiths, along with his wife and collaborator Jamieson.